WeTube 2.0!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

As always, the awesome Jim Ridge has produced a video telling you a bit about what to expect from his WeTube 2.0 session on Saturday… and a whole lot more!

7 Ways to Optimize Your Mindcamp Experience

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019, Mindcampology

by Emily Nichols You’ve registered and paid, made your travel arrangements, and blocked off your calendar for 5 days. Coming to Mindcamp is no small commitment, but it will be over in a flash. Here are some ways to elevate your experience and optimize your precious time: 1. Be Fully Present Make the emails stop! Let your friends, family, clients …

We Made an Infomercial!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

A friend offered some free time in a professional video setup, so two of the Fairies made a 5 minute infomercial! You’ll hear about the app, about what to bring to Mindcamp, and you’ll see a demonstration of our cool new conference bag.

The Mindcamp App: It’s Alive!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

The new Mindcamp App has launched! Click here to get the app from iTunes or Google Play. If you’re coming to Mindcamp, download it on your smart device now and start playing around. This will be your program-in-your-pocket, plus a whole lot more… as with the previous app, you’ll be able to flip through the session schedule, find program descriptions …

Choose Your Mind U

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019

All registered participants should have, in the last few days, received an invitation to send in some extra information, including Mind U selection, diet, allergies, and roommate preferences, among other things. This is important! Mind U’s are the only sessions we ask you to pre-register for, and each of them has a maximum number of participants. At least one of …

Free Stuff and the Environment

Mindcamp Random

Most conferences provide at least some “swag” — free stuff you get as a memento of the conference, but which often ends up as landfill. That concerns us. So this year, rather than offering everyone a cheap bag for free, we’re offering you the chance to purchase a really nice one. Thus if you don’t need or want another bag, …