Remembering Sid Parnes

Tim Hurson Random

We remember with joy, and bid farewell with sadness, our mentor, the great Dr. Sid Parnes. Sid was the catalyst that brought us all together. He was 91.

WANTED: My Question

Tim Hurson Fun

I have lost my best question. I have spent the last 25 years of my life finding this question, and now I have lost it, and I don’t know how to find it again. BIG REWARD to the people that can bring me back my beloved question.

Mindcamp Labyrinth

Tim Hurson

Here's a little present Zachary Towne-Smith created for Michael Jones and Joe Miguez (and the rest of us) at Mindcamp X.


Tim Hurson Mindcamp 2011

Baby Sol had a wonderful time at Mindcamp 2011. He could be seen all over, in a wide variety of sessions, and in the loving and attentive arms and/or care of a wide variety of new and old friends — as well as, of course, his own mom, Ginny. We loved having Sol at Mindcamp, our youngest participant yet! Click …