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This year’s theme, Playground, explores how the simple act of play can ground us when we’re stressed, open us to creative insights, guide us to be better leaders, and bond us into extraordinary teams.

If you’re already a playoneer and don’t need further persuasion, scroll to the end of this post for a surprise reveal. If you do want some facts about the power of play to persuade your boss, read on.

  • Researchers have found that play teaches leaders how to make better spontaneous decisions: 97% of leaders tested say they would change how they make such decisions after experiencing the improvement.
  • Play is crucial for developing creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement: Research shows that activities like improv games, modeling with toy figures, and playing with language are particularly effective.
  • Play is linked to better problem-solving: Engineers with richer play histories as children are better problem solvers than their peers who played less (don’t worry; there are ways you can catch up!)
  • Play promotes cooperation, socialization, trust, empathy, and an appreciation for fairness — all important for effective leadership and teamwork.

This year Mindcamp will host What’s Your Play DNA?, a special session by play guru Jacqueline Lloyd Smith in which she’ll introduce you to her latest brainchild: The Playsonality Playstyles Assessment to help you discover the kind of player you really are.

Come play with us. Seriously, we’ll help you up your game.

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