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Creativity FUN-damentals
Brush up your creative chops — and have fun doing it!

4 x 75 minutes  •  8:30am daily

If you know little or nothing about creative problem solving or productive thinking (or would like a refresh), this Mind U is for you. Creativity FUN-damentals will get you up to speed on the key principles and key steps of the creative process in no-time flat.

But don’t think this is just another academic fly-over. Through a series of playful activities, you'll discover how each principle works to get you to a positive outcome. And because you'll be having fun, that learning will stick (that's what the neuroscientists tell us anyway).

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Gain a working knowledge of the super power used by the world's most creative people: separating their thinking into divergent and convergent phases (we call it "making lists and making choices")
  • Practice the skills you need to be intentional about which kind of thinking to do and when
  • Apply a step-by-step approach to produce the results you want: from identifying the real issues underlying your challenge to defining creative strategies to meet them
Leonardo Muñoz
Santiago, Chile
An international innovation consultant, Leo Muñoz has led innovation capabilities and creative skills development projects in many organizations in South America and Europe.

University professor of postgraduate courses about creativity (Innovation Masters, MBA, and other innovation certificates from Universidad Católica of Chile and other Chilean Universities) and Member of Facilitators Without Borders.

He is a certified Productive Thinking facilitator and certified facilitator’s trainer in Managing Innovation from the University of Brighton (UK), holds innovation and business certificates from Notre Dame University, Creative Problem Solving Institute and UCLA – Anderson School of Management (USA), and an MBA from the Institute for Executive Development.

Leonardo is an architect from Universidad Católica (but is mostly recovered from that). Currently he is CEO of ThinkX Chile and board member of other commercial companies.


Leonardo is a returning presenter.

Gloria Williams
San Diego CA
Motivated by her passion to help people achieve their maximum potential, Gloria designs and facilitates bespoke retreats, workshops, and trainings for organizations such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, Girl Scouts of America, and Unicef.
As the U.S. partner of RedZebra Integrated Insights — a global human development and engagement company — her work has impacted individuals, corporations, and NGOs all over the world.
Born in Panama, she thrives in bilingual and bicultural settings, always finding ways to forge meaningful connections between people of all backgrounds.
She has a knack for unearthing perceived limitations embedded within individuals and teams and offers actionable insights and tools for establishing fresh thought, behavior, and growth from within.
Gloria is certified in Pro.Play Method, Creative Problem Solving and FourSight. She holds a B.A. in psychology from The University of Texas at Austin and is completing a master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School.

This is Gloria's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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  • Creativity FUN-damentals Brush up your creative chops — and have fun doing it! (Leonardo Muñoz, Gloria Williams)
  • Liquid Thinking Do you really need a box to think outside it?
    (Edouard Le Maréchal, Sophie Harvey)
  • Share the Toys in Our Attic to advance in your personal and professional creative development (Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard)
  • Time for Recess! Tricks, tools and improv games to set you apart and make you and your work more memorable (Rich DiGirolamo, Beth Slazak)
  • The Well-Being Playground Support your health and wellness through play (Ginny Santos, Dan Bigonesse)
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