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What's Your Play DNA?

75 minutes  •  Monday 8:00pm

What if we understood the ways we prefer to play? That knowledge could actually help us do the things we do at work and at home, like leading, planning, critical thinking, problem solving, developing strategies, even doing the household budget. not only better — but more efficiently and more effectively! That’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

Over the past six years, as a Certified Play Therapist and Registered Art Therapist, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith has led her team in developing a new understanding, not only of the value of play, but how we can leverage our natural preferences to make us better humans. Much like creative thinking preferences and relationship preferences, we all have play preferences — the types of play we gravitate toward to entertain ourselves, challenge ourselves, or just hang with friends. Jacquie calls it our Playsonality©, our Play DNA.

In this special Mindcamp Session you'll be able to identify your Play DNA, so you can leverage their playing preferences for the different types of tasks they perform, such as leading innovation teams, designing complex systems, optimizing resources, or selling ideas.

In short, Jacquie will show us how we can use play to uncover our unique inner wisdom. Join us as we embark on a powerful personal research journey.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Discover your unique Play DNA
  • Learn to leverage your playing preferences to work (and play) more joyfully and effectively
  • Learn the true difference between :work" and "play" (hint: there isn't one)
Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
Sechelt, BC
Jacquie is a skilled facilitator and Master Trainer and holds a diploma is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology from the LEGO® Group in Denmark. In 2007, Lloyd Smith received the partner business growth award from LEGO(®) and also that year, she began certifying facilitators for The LEGO® GROUP. In 2009, Jacquie was appointed to the training board in the LEGO® Play for Business division where she worked to bring LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® into the Open Source model. Jacquie is a Registered Art Therapist, is certified in Play Therapy & Creative Problem Solving.

In 2000, she earned an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management; and in 2006, she completed an MBA in Executive Management (Management Consulting). In 2005, she studied business strategy and global business in Grenoble, France. In November 2006, she received the Ted Wilson Memorial Award for Lifelong Learning from Royal Roads University.

Jacquie instructed at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario Canada for over ten years, where she developed and delivered curriculum for the postgraduate Art Therapy students. She has also taught in the business department at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She is an associate faculty member in the MBA program at Royal Roads University in Victoria.

This is Jacqueline's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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