2024 Sessions

Casual afternoon fun

60 minutes  •  3:20pm daily

Wanna paint? Play the uke? Do a little improv? Each afternoon there are a number of optional "clubs". You may choose to spend the afternoon napping, or on the beach, but if you're up for some energetic fun, get your juices flowing by dropping in to one of three Clubs:

Art Club: Join professional artists Matias and Ayla Larzabal for fun, surprising art experience.

Uke Club: Tom McMillian, the Mindcamp Duke of Uke, leads some easy ukulele jams. Bring your own uke or borrow one of ours. No experience necessary.

Improv Club: Top Banana Branwen leads a series of energetic improv exercises. Be prepared to move, connect with others, and laugh until your belly hurts.

Matias Larzabal
Toronto, ON
Born in Uruguay, Matias has lived in Canada for many years and became a Canadian citizen last year. You may recognize him from the lively art sessions he has shared with the kids at 5pm every day for the past two Mindcamps.

An accomplished artist and craftsman, Matias can create many things from paintings to furniture to houses, but his most important creative work is his family and children. This year Matias is helping to co-ordinate the Youth Program (including, of course, his indispensable art classes!).


Matias is a returning presenter.

Tom McMillian
Montville, NJ
Since 2008, Tom McMillian has been the President of Techtao, a marketing consultancy. Tom not only brings innovative thinking to companies, but also works as the chief marketing officer for selective companies. Previously, Tom worked for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson in the role of Director of Relationship & Interactive Marketing.

While at Pfizer, Tom was on the core team that brought innovation-cultural-change to the Pfizer. Not only was Tom instrumental in the creation and development of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s new innovation process, but also Tom was the highest ranked innovation instructor. In recognition of his efforts, Pfizer awarded Tom the W.E. Upjohn award for Innovation.

In addition to working for his clients, Tom brings his marking expertise, creativity, and passion for the arts to the Morris Arts as a board member. Plus, he loves playing his ukulele. Tom believes that a key ingredient to each day’s success is playing his beloved uke. Recently, he’s been nourishing his soul, playing music originally written for the lute on his ukulele.


Tom is a returning presenter.

Branwen Hurson
Toronto, ON
Long-time Mindcampers know Top Banana Branwen well, she has been to every Mindcamp. Her enthusiasm and positive energy seems to know no bounds, and the only problem with working with her is that too much laughter might damage the intercostal and facial muscles. But it's worth it!

Based on her success as Top Banana at Mindcamp in 2013, CPSI snatched her to lead the CPSI volunteer "Wings" squadron in June 2014 and 2015, where her Fitbit clocked more than 30,000 steps per day.

Turns out leading teams and leading improv has a lot in common... so in her spare time, Branwen studies improv techniques with renowned coach Kate Ashby.

At her day job as logistics and supplies supervisor at Bridgepoint Health in Toronto, she uses her Mindcamp team-leading and improv chops to help hospital staff help people get well.

Branwen is a returning presenter.

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