Ordinary Magic: The Journey Begins

MindcampMindcamp 2023

In which we reveal the thematic framework of Mindcamp Canada 2023… and three of our Trailhead Hosts

Our theme this year is Ordinary Magic: those small things that can make a big difference in creative thinking. Each morning we’ll have 3-4 concurrent Trailhead Sessions to set the tone for the day. The balance of the day will be Open Space to allow whoever is interested to propose hosting one or more sessions.

What’s new? We’ve developed a thematic journey to help explore it: Curiosity, Constraint, and Connection.

Curiosity itself is Ordinary Magic. You might say that creativity is impossible without curiosity.

Constraint is the inevitable pushback from the status quo. But Constraint itself can be Ordinary Magic, the resistance that heightens the desire to overcome these barriers and that drives us to innovative ways of doing so.

Connection is the inherent magic of creativity. We create by making connections — often unexpected — between ideas, with people, with our bodies, our feelings, our experiences.

Here are our first three Trailhead Hosts! 

  • Sophie Harvey returns to help us awaken our natural curiosity with Biodanza
  • Nicole Flynn will teach us about breaking through the constraints of society’s negative attitudes
  • Anthony Hyatt returns to show us how to use The Art of Presence to create connection