Last Day to Win That $800 Discount!

MindcampMindcamp 2023

Hey ho, it’s the last day to win that $800 off your registration through our Life Is GR8 Lottery! All you have to do is register before 23:59 EDT today (May 31).

Already registered? Undecided? Peruse our Trailhead Sessions: we now have nine posted!

If you’re looking for tools and techniques, consider these:

  • Creative Conflict TKO in which Paul Fleming shows us ways to optimize conflict for creativity
  • Hatch Ideas in which Liz Monroe-Cook helps us explore incubation as an indispensible creativity tool
  • Tool Clinic in which Tim Hurson shows us the ordinary magic we already have right in our pockets

If you’re looking to strengthen your inner capabilities, have a look at these:

  • Beyond the Obvious in which new presenter Nicole Flynn shows us how to meet constraints with confidence
  • Power and Purpose in which Deron Essex shows us how to open a window into your true you
  • Biodanza in which Sophie Harvey helps us awaken our natural curiosity
  • Your Mother’s Eyes in which Denise Pinto helps us seek climate wisdom from real and imagined ancestors

Or perhaps you’re looking to connect creatively with others. In that case, consider these sessions:

  • From Bystander to Ally in which Deepika Grover shows us ways to shift from standing by to standing up
  • The Art of Presence in which musical facilitator and dancer Anthony Hyatt shows us how to use magic moments to connect

And there are more Trailhead Sessions to come, as well as pre-breakfast wake-me-ups, post-supper Night Flights and Camino, and lots and lots of Open Space sessions in between. And a Youth Program!