2023 Program: Ordinary Magic

MindcampMindcamp 2023

This year’s theme is Ordinary Magic: those small things, often overlooked or unnoticed, that we can all do to multiply our creative potential and that of the people around us.

Here are some examples:

  • Discover non-cognitive approaches to understand and create new meaning
  • Access the arts and nature to see beyond the superficial
  • Use simple structures (conceptual and otherwise) to illuminate contrasts and congruities
  • Practice embodiment to more fully experience conditions and potentials
  • Explore the unexpected connections that are around us all the time, but which we too often, and too easily, miss.
A Hybrid Format: Pre-Programming and Open Space

In addition to the amazing new location, we’re pushing boundaries with a format that combines the depth and wisdom of fully-developed sessions with the open, dynamic, creative energy of the Open Space process.

Trailhead Sessions

We’ll start each day with Trailhead Sessions: 4 or 5 concurrent sessions given by extraordinary creativity professionals from all over the world. These sessions will provide inspiration and direction for the rest of the day.

The Open Space sessions that follow will, in large part, branch from and elaborate on the content delivered (or developed) in the Trailhead Sessions.

Open Space

The Open Space methodology is a perfect example of Ordinary Magic. It sets the stage for a rich and dynamic experience, informed by the expertise of the presenters but instantly responsive to what is happening in the minds and bodies of all Mindcampers in the moment.

If you haven’t already experienced Open Space, you may feel skeptical, but get ready for a beautiful surprise! Or find out more about Open Space right now through this link.

Apart from these changes, Mindcamp will be as weird and wonderful as ever, with mind-changing sessions, a youth program, a labyrinth, the camino, campfires, kaleidoscopes, night flights, and a few surprises we hope you’ll flip for.

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  1. Ordinary magic!
    What an inspiring oxymoron!
    You really have the touch to incorporate magic in your communications!
    Oxymorons create a tension that opens a space in our minds for associations and sparkles!
    I love it!

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