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Your Mother's Eyes
Climate wisdom from real and imagined ancestors

Designed to address the challenges of climate uncertainty, this workshop takes you on an imaginative journey into your ancestry. You will draw, move, and create artifacts to foster deeper connections with your lineage (real or imagined), with the earth, and with yourself. Get ready to embark on a spirited journey with those whose genes you carry and whose wisdom can be yours. You will also connect with future generations for whom you will become an ancestor.

Note: This workshop is designed and hosted to create a safe, inclusive space that respects people’s unique backgrounds and experiences that influence the intensity of their ancestral "dialogues."

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Spiritual: Through an immersive journey of connecting with your ancestors, invite continuity, rootedness, and belonging as tools to face climate uncertainty.
  • Emotional: You may uncover stories of resilience, survival, and adaptation to challenging times. These stories can be source of inspiration as we collectively navigate new climate realities.
  • Professional: You may also discover new clarity of purpose, of values, and of the professional legacy you wish to leave behind.
Denise Pinto
Hamilton, ON
Denise Pinto is a writer, design strategist, social innovator, and systems-shaper who helps Fortune 100 clients use Conscientious Innovation in service of people and the planet. She is relentless about ecosystem thinking and regenerative approaches to products, services, and technologies. She has convened conversations that drive high-impact, ethical, and inclusive frameworks for government, non-profit, and corporate clients for over 15 years.

She is currently a Senior Manager of Innovation at global consulting firm, Accenture, where she leads a team of Impact Makers across North America. Denise was formerly the founding Creative Director of Courage Co-Lab, a design instructor at the Institute Without Boundaries, and the Executive Director of a global civic project to engage neighbours in community-building through walking dialogues (for which she recieved a Vital Person award). Denise lives, works, and writes from her home base in Hamilton, Ontario, sharing the joy and journey of life with her soulmate, Robert Wakulat (also a devoted Mindcamper!) and their endlessly creative son, Quincy.


Denise is a returning presenter.

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