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Incubation as a creativity tool

Remember a time when you had an "A-Ha!" at an unexpected moment or daydreamed your way to a new idea? Incubation was your helper. Sometimes it's called "shower thinking" because of the common experience of having a new thought in, well, the shower. In this session we'll explore incubation as a creativity tool.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Find out why incubation works
  • Find the inspiration to unleash your unconscious mind purposefully
  • Explore a range of incubation methods
Liz Monroe-Cook
Oak Park, IL
Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D., has extensive experience as a consulting psychologist focusing on individual, group and organizational effectiveness. She uses creative thinking skills and Polarity Thinking in much of her facilitation and training work. She draws a lot of her own learning from cognitive and social psychology.

She serves as a leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, is a graduate of the Polarity Thinking Mastery Program, and is past chair of the Board of the Creative Education Foundation.

She is the recipient of the Creative Education Foundation’s Distinguished Leader award, and presents at many creativity and professional development workshops, including CPSI, CREA, and the Florida Creativity Conference, as well as Mindcamp. A rich array of clients — academic, corporate, government and nonprofit — has given Liz many chances to focus on creativity elements!

Liz is a returning presenter.

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