2023 Sessions

Mighty Magical Messages
Creating messages that reinforce your personal magic

Maximum Participants: 20

Join us for a fun, interactive session to conjure up your own personal magic. Through a series of prompts, random events, and unique connections, you will invoke positive psychology rituals to reveal the amazing opportunities hidden within apparent constraints.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Understanding how random events can be springboards to insight
  • Discovering the magical abilities that make you unique
  • Experiencing how positive psychology can transform constraint into opportunity
Megan Mitchell
Toronto, ON
Megan Mitchell is a consultant, speaker, author and educator. She is an Innovation and Leadership Consultant and the Program Director for Schulich ExecEd’s Centre of Excellence in Innovation.

Megan believes in soaking up every opportunity to grow. She recently completed her Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. She recently completed her Certificate in Positive Psychology. Megan believes we are all creative; her passion is to help people discover their unique gifts and ways of contributing for greater business success and personal fulfillment.

When not traveling, Megan loves hosting salons, walking around her neighbourhood, getting her hands dirty in the garden or creating in stained glass.

Megan is a returning presenter.

Alison Cohen
Toronto, ON
Alison believes in creating constant opportunities and exploring them with great passion. It is through the unknown that the greatest possibilities are created and the magic blossoms. By being open to change, and helping others implement new ways of thinking and doing, she has helped organizations and people thrive. Her 30-year career has focused on organizational development practitioner, project leader, mentor, instructor, facilitator and coach, in both the private and not-for-profit sectors on 5 continents.

Alison believes in living life to the fullest having led community development programs in Guyana, Sri Lanka, Haiti, South Africa, Nepal and Canada. She has served on the Boards of various NGOs, helping groups develop their innate capabilities to benefit their communities. Her interest in exploration has been enhanced by her extensive bicycling trips though 21 countries in Asia, Europe and Central/North America. Right now, her best volunteer role is as a 'baby cuddler' at a neo-natal ICU.

Alison is a returning presenter.

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