2023 Trailhead Sessions

Each morning we’ll have several concurrent Trailhead sessions to set the tone for the day. The balance of the day will be structured as Open Space to allow whoever is interested to propose hosting one or more sessions.

Awaken your natural curiosity

"When I let myself be what I am, I become what I might be." Lao Tzu

By moving our bodies to the rhythm of music, we awaken our sensations and our natural impulse to explore the world with wonder and fascination. We allow ourselves to sense and discover while deepening our connection to ourselves and others. With this openness and renewed curiosity, we can unleash our natural creativity and express ourselves through spontaneous movement.

Biodanza is a powerful, proven process for stimulating vital energy and integrating mind and body. It invites you to a set of joyful, liberating "exercises in movement" to a variety of carefully chosen music. It is fun and it is not necessary to know how to dance!

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Practice movement with a quality of presence
  • Awake the pleasure and joy of natural movement
  • Vitalize non-verbal communication and expression
Sophie Harvey
Montreal, QC
Trained as an engineer (Polytechnique Montreal), Sophie Harvey has been coaching (PCC) for 15 years. Based in Montreal, Sophie brings her ability to align people with their felt sense and access their somatic intelligence. Sophie is a Biodanza facilitator, co-designer of the Vortex, a method of creativity by emergence. She regularly participates in creativity events (Mindcamp Canada, Mindcamp Chile, Crea-France, Crea Conference ).


Sophie is a returning presenter.

Sessions Released So Far
Subject to change. What isn't?
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