2023 Trailhead Sessions

Each morning we’ll have several concurrent Trailhead sessions to set the tone for the day. The balance of the day will be structured as Open Space to allow whoever is interested to propose hosting one or more sessions.

From Bystander to Ally
How to Shift from Standing by to Standing up

You’ve been there: Someone harasses a stranger. On a train, on the street, in the workplace, at school, online. It's bad. It’s in full view. It’s uncomfortable. Yet no one intervenes.

Psychologists call this phenomenon the "bystander effect," the tendency to ignore people in need when other onlookers are present. There are many reasons that people choose not to respond. They are embarrassed. They feel powerless. They are frightened. They just don’t know what to do.

Deepika will introduce you to a very practical magic: bystander intervention, a series of simple tactics and strategies that can help you prepare, in advance, to safely assess and interrupt problematic behaviour. This can help you show people who are being harassed that they are not alone and set a strong example for other bystanders who might also feel paralyzed.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Learn how to safely assess and interrupt problematic behaviour
  • Recognize your own internal barriers to intervention
  • Learn and practice simple strategies and tips you can use to build the muscle memory and confidence to transform your compassion into support
Deepika Grover
Trained as a feminist political scientist, Deepika works from an anti-racist stance, with attention to intersectionality, systems change, racial equity and decolonization. She is a continuous learner, un-learner and re-learner. She finds more beauty in questions than answers, and takes great joy in building greater self-, situational, and spiritual awareness. She believes deeply in the power of solidarity, or how the relational can co-emerge new things that make space for more justice and equality.
Deepika works with the Government of Canada, as part of the Canada’s Free Agent program. As a Free Agent, she takes on assignments related to public sector innovation, doing this work in intersectional and inclusive ways as she integrates new technologies, modes of data collection, participatory approaches and co-design methods into public policy domains. She has previously served in innovation and organizational design capacities at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Heritage, the Privy Council Office and Global Affairs Canada. Her current assignment is as Senior Strategist, Anti-Racism at Finance Canada.

This is Deepika's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
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