2023 Trailhead Sessions

Each morning we’ll have several concurrent Trailhead sessions to set the tone for the day. The balance of the day will be structured as Open Space to allow whoever is interested to propose hosting one or more sessions.

Beyond the Obvious
Meeting constraints with confidence

Join Nicole to see beyond the obvious and find what lies ahead:
Explore characters
Experience perspectives
Experiment with communication
Evolve out of your comfort zone
Examine attitudes and assumptions

Nicole will set the stage through her story of conquering challenges to be seen as a person.

In this trailhead, you will gain a greater understanding of life through Nicole's lens.
There will be an opportunity to dramatize real life experiences and walk with Nicole.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Learn about Nicole's unique experience
  • Experience how new perspectives can help you evolve
  • Dramatize real life experiences
Nicole Flynn
"Yes, I do have Down syndrome, but that doesn't stop me. My name is Nicole 'Challenge' Flynn. Along with an extra chromosome, I inherited society's negative attitudes and assumptions from the past generations. In my 30 years, I have dispelled myths, broken barriers, and smashed stereotypes."

Nicole Flynn is a graduate of the Loyalist College General Arts and Science diploma program (not modified). Nicole is a photographer, a philosopher, an entrepreneur, an Associate Consultant with People Minded Business (PMB), and an international medalist in three sports. She is a global citizen who believes in freedom, power, and prosperity for everyone.

Nicole’s goal is to experience and learn more about what is happening around the world and to share her knowledge with others.


This is Nicole's first year presenting at Mindcamp.
Sessions Released So Far
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