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Creative Conflict TKO
Optimizing conflict for creativity

When you read the word ‘conflict’ do you immediately think of the word ‘resolution’? Why is it that we’re instinctively drawn to trying to avoid and resolve conflict when research shows that the right types of conflict are key to being more creative and producing better ideas.

As a species we’re not comfortable with conflict, but as creative evangelists it’s our job to encourage it when appropriate. This workshop will help you understand the roots and types of conflict, your personal conflict styles, and give you some simple rules to successfully build conflict confidence (as well as tips to cool it when things get too hot). In this experiential workshop we break down the essential components of positive conflict into easily accessible and fun techniques, transforming you into a creative conflict master.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Understand which types of conflict can accelerate your team’s creative output and which can kill it
  • Learn tools and techniques that can be applied to generating healthy conflict and cooling it off when it goes too far
  • Discover your own and others’ personal conflict style and when to try borrow another approach
Paul Fleming
Toronto, ON
Paul’s "Hell ya, I can do that" career has given him a unique perspective on the world. Now a Partner with the non-profit consulting firm People Minded Business, Paul’s varied career spans strategy consulting, executive leadership, learning and development, broadcasting, advertising, marketing, and tech ventures.

Paul has an MBA (Ivey). an MSc in Business Research (Henley, UK) and is certified in Human Centred Strategy through IDEO. He is a Board member of the Ivey School of Business’ Leader Project, working on-site with entrepreneurs in Haiti and Lithuania, Chairs the Advisory Board of Management Studies at Humber Business School, and keynote speaker on organizational capacity building and creativity. Paul believes that finding the best way forward needs everyone’s voice is at the table.


Paul is a returning presenter.

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