2022 Registration is Open!

MindcampMindcamp 2022

Registration for Mindcamp 2022 is now open… but act fast! Because of COVID we are limited (at the moment) to 60 people (as opposed to our usual 200). We hope this limit will be increased to 100, but even at that number we will sell out quickly. So if you want a spot…

New (Old) Location

Our location has changed — changed back to YMCA Cedar Glen, a beautiful location close to Toronto, one that was our home from 2003-2011. Accommodations are more rustic than at Geneva Park so give the Accommodations Page a long hard look and, if you like a comfier bed, consider registering as an offsite participant.

What about the Pandemic?

The Mindcamp Fairies take the COVID-19 pandemic VERY SERIOUSLY. We will conform to all local requirements in place at the time, and we will likely add additional measures for extra safety. For example, if we were having Mindcamp now (March 2022) we would require proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, and masking indoors. But with Mindcamp still months away, we cannot predict exactly what things will be like in August.

We will give everyone the specific COVID requirements two months before Mindcamp, and you will have the opportunity to cancel at that time if you don’t want to follow them. And if you have to cancel after August 1 because of a positive COVID test, you can either send someone else in your place OR apply your fees to next year.

Open Space Format

More changes: our format will be full (almost) Open Space this year. We will have a few surprise programs, and some of our regular ongoing programs such as yoga and morning free writes, but otherwise no predetermined programming!

What is Open Space? Well, most conferences are programmed well in advance. With Open Space, however, aside from those few scheduled sessions, the content of Mindcamp will be yours to decide.

Here’s how it will work: on Monday evening we will start with a kind of open “marketplace” where anyone can volunteer to offer a session on a topic of their choosing over the next several days. If enough people are interested in participating in that topic, we’ll assign a room and time and away we go.

Apart from these changes, Mindcamp will be as weird and wonderful as ever, with mind-changing sessions, a kids program, the camino, campfires, kaleidoscopes, night flights, and a bunch of surprises we hope you’ll flip for (maybe even an Aurora Borealis).