Your Stuff Is Right Where You Left It

Tim HursonArticle, Mindcamp 2020, Mindcampology, Mystery Mindcamp

Times are weird. But your Mindcamp Faeries are keeping calm — and optimizing!

First, the calm part:

  • In a few weeks, we hope to have a clear answer about the prospect of Mindcamp in August.
  • If August is a no-go, your money is safe; any pre-payments to us will be refunded.

Now, the optimizing part:

About 12 weeks ago, we launched a private social network, Mindcamp Connect. It’s free and available by invitation only. The purpose of Mindcamp Connect is to give you opportunities to play, learn, and connect — online.

We’ve already offered over 80 programs, seminars, and workshops including:

building community • creative problem solving • coaching skills • facilitating online collaboration • writing • percept language • modes of attention • morning yoga • philosophy • photography • productive thinking • dialog • story telling • hypnotic techniques • setting up your own video studio — as well as Sunday morning kids programs, a Mindcamp Connect book club, a weekly tea party (not the political kind), and even an online version of Bio Danza, called ZoomDanza,.

And the list is growing. We’d love you to join us. It’s a snap to do. Just click this link, and as a subscriber to this mailing list, you’re pre-approved.


PS We’ll update you as soon as possible on the status of Mindcamp for August.