Remembering Mary Arroyave 1926–2019


From the very beginning of Mindcamp, at our original campus at Cedar Glen, the beautiful white head of Mary Arroyave could be seen here, there, and everywhere, as she attended sessions, got up early for yoga, stayed up late, and generally had a great time. She was already over 80 then, wearing the “Oldest Mindcamper” title with ease, grace, and humour.

Mary did attend Geneva Park as well for several years, but after 2014 a move out of province and changes in her health made it too difficult to come. Many of you we know will remember with love and joy the pleasure of sharing the creative process with her.

Mary passed away December 21, a little over two months ago. Here she is at Cedar Glen with Barb Wilk-Ridge in Tom Beakbane’s “Does Mindcamp Work?” video. We love you, Mary!

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  1. How lucky for me that the stars lined up and I met Mary in Laila’s workshop when we gathered together in a group exercise. It was an immediate serendipitous moment as if we had known each other forever. That began a 16 year friendship until her recent passing.

    Mindcamp was the highlight of Mary’s year and she always looked forward to seeing everyone. I can still remember one night when my husband Jim bought us a bottle of white wine and she and I would end up finishing that bottle of wine, sharing and just being until the wee hours of the morning. I have not done that with any other soul…so much fun, so thanks Mary for the memory and Jim for encouraging this between us!

    Mary had a loving way with people and you could feel her enthusiasm for life when you met her. Her wisdom, sense of curiosity, and positive energy was inspiring.

    I will miss you Mary, am grateful for our friendship, the sharing, the love, and please know you will remain in my heart forever. Rest in peace my dearest Mary!

    Love you lots, with much gratitude and big hugs…Barb

  2. I clearly remember Mary. Always present, happy and with something nice to say. I’m grateful you posted this so we can all recall how special she was. May the memory of the righteous be a blessing forever.

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