Do the Shift


Our theme for Mindcamp 2020 is Parallax Shift

Parallax refers to the apparent movement of objects when viewed from different positions. Examples are everywhere. When you look out the window of a moving car, light poles near the road seem to zoom past, while trees in the distance appear to drift by.

That’s parallax.

One of the cool things about parallax is that tiny changes in the angle of your view can produce huge changes in how objects that are far away appear. Your thumb is only a centimeter or so wide. But hold it up, and it can hide the moon.

One of the biggest barriers to positive change is getting stuck in how we see our situations. Whether in innovation or problem solving or our daily lives, we often stay stuck simply because we can’t see things from another perspective.

Mindcamp 2020 will explore the many ways you can change your perspective and how even the smallest shift can make a world of difference.

Got something shifty to present?

Until May 15, we’re accepting submissions for 90-minute programs, 180-minute programs, and Mind U programs.

If you want to submit a session, click here, and remember that deadline—May 15.

Finally, if you are planning to present — especially those of you who will be traveling from out of town — pre-Mindcamp is back at The George! Right in the heart of downtown Toronto — at crazy low prices.

Pre-Mindcamp is at The George
August 17–19 Save the dates

Can’t wait!

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