Mark’s Rolling Stone

MindcampMindcamp 2019

Mark Dodsworth came all the way from Spain to Mindcamp Canada, only to be felled by a kidney stone on Day 2 of the conference! He needed emergency surgery on Day 3 but is back here on Day 4 and mending beautifully.

We can’t say the same for his credit card. He has no health insurance in Canada, and although the hospital did their best to keep costs down, he is looking at a bill of between $5,000 and $10,000 (final numbers not in yet).

Mark spends his life giving joy to others so let’s return the favour.

Let’s raise as much as we can to help him out! If possible we would like to cover all his medical costs, and will update the figure when we know what it is. (Any overage will go to the Mindcamp Community Fund.)

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