Mark Update!

MindcampMindcamp 2019

Starting with the most important news: Mark is feeling and looking better! He basically spent the whole day in bed resting, and looks and feels better for it. He’s on the mend.

More news: we have paid the hospital bill! The total for the hospital was just under $7,000; additional costs (such as meds, a plane ticket change, accommodation during convalescence) brings that total up, so we are shooting for something like $8,500 — a little vague as we’re still not sure about the cancelled flight refund.

The spontaneous generosity of the Mindcamp, ACRE, CPSI, CREA, and Red Zebra communities has so far raised $7,506, which puts us just $800 under our goal. So if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to pitch a few more pennies into the pot. (OK pennies probably won’t do it but you get the drift).

Mark is eager to come back to Mindcamp Canada to fully participate next year; so we promise any overage will go toward his registration, and anything beyond that will go to the Community Fund, which every year brings other awesome, inspiring individuals into our midst.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    Now even though I was not at Mindcamp I did feel the spirit…even in Vermont.
    So once you have figured out how much I have coming back to me ( if any) please take off an additional $100 in support of Mark’s recovery fund.
    With pleasure…

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad Mark is on the mend. Thanks for including us and giving us an opportunity to be part of this even though we are not a Mindcamp this year. Warm hugs to Mark from Koen and Makheni

  3. Thanks for the update! So glad Mark is recovering – whew! With you in spirit, Mark, as soon as I heard what was going on. You have inspired me so much over the years in South Africa! Hugs, Olwen

  4. Tim, even though I was not there I miss Mindcamp and will do my best to be there down the road. I love Marks’s work and want to help so drop me a note at my email and let me know how far you are from the goal, harry

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