Learning To See What’s Possible

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Now more than ever, it’s a matter of championing change,
even when the status quo happens to be working quite well.

That’s the conclusion of IBM’s 2017 study of almost 13,000 C-suite execs.

They’re acknowledging the truth that what’s working often blinds us to what’s possible.

Nice observation. But now what?

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to see what’s possible
and then how to make it happen?

If you’re reading this, you know the central importance of creativity—in your workplace, in your community, and for your family. You also know that no matter how good a thinker you are now, you can always learn to think better. The human brain is a marvel. With the right training it can get better at math, at music, at human relations, and yes, even at seeing the possible.

So what are you doing to promote your own creativity—the mindset and toolset to see what’s possible?

Here’s one way

Every year, Mindcamp Canada hosts about 200 participants, including 50 creativity professionals, from over 15 countries at a small resort on the shores of beautiful Lake Couchiching, not far from Toronto.

Mindcamp is an annual creative thinking retreat that started in Canada 16 years ago and now includes both Chile and the US Southwest.

Mindcamp Canada is a sort of mini-university spanning four-and-a-half days—with over 50 sessions spread over more than 120 hours of programming and covering the creative thinking gamut—from the latest in neuroscience and group dynamics, to immersive experiences that promote creativity through both cognitive and non-cognitive principles, to experimental programs exploring new developments in creative processes and tools.

There’s also hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailboarding, swimming, dancing, campfires, creative busking (we call it the Camino), poster sessions, morning and afternoon yoga, and a unique corporate survival skill we call Boardroom Bushcraft.

And that’s not all. Learn free-writing. Experiment with improv theater. Stretch your comfort zone with Bouffon led by a Cirque du Soleil master.

And that’s not all. A youth program where kids can apply creativity basics, explore the relationships between physical activity and creativity, and learn from the best of the best international creativity experts.

We’ll even show you how you can take that magical thing we all know as Shower Thinking and call it up on demand—no shower needed.

You can discover more about Mindcamp by browsing around this website. We’d love you to come. We’re passionate about spreading what we’ve learned. And as you’ll see, that passion translates into all our presenters volunteering their time and talent. That’s one reason we can make Mindcamp so affordable.

There’s no place like it.

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  1. Please include me in the 50% drawing. ( Clara Kluk referred me). So happy!!
    My flight times do not allow for utilizing the bus so I have rented a car. If someone needs a ride to and/or fro to the airport they can contact me.
    Suzanne Ballew
    Mind Tours/Israel

    1. Send us via email your flight arrival and departure times. We cannot guarantee to be able to help you, but we can try.

      Happy you are coming!

  2. I see that the description includes improv, but I have been looking at the session and don’t see an improv session (I seem to have missed it). This is something I am quite excited to do. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Getting SUPER excited.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      There are two improv-related programs on the formal schedule:

      One is Wabi-Sabi Boot Camp, which will involve improv exercises for sure. I am also pretty certain that although it’s not on the formal schedule, Marjolein Hutting can be persuaded to offer an Improv Nite Flite. I’ve taken her improv program and it’s both fun and skill-building.

      There’s also Bouffon, with Massimo Angostinelli, which, though not strictly speaking improv, utilizes a lot of improv principles and is maybe one of the most laugh-inducing programs I’ve ever been in.

      So my guess is you’ll have up to three opportunities to flex your improv muscles (and if you want to join the kids program, which you can do, I think Marjolein will also be doing one there).

      Looking forward,


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