Business Canvas Diptych*

MindcampArticle, Mindcamp 2018

If you’ve ever considered launching your own business,
Mindcamp Canada has something special for you.

Peter van der Sluijs – own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

This year we’re offering two programs on adapting the principles of the Business Model Canvas to the needs of social purpose organizations.

In 2008, Alexander Osterwalder revolutionized the entrepreneurial world by re-imagining pages of difficult-to-understand business strategy as a simple chart showing the nine key elements of almost any enterprise.

Brilliant as it was, though, the BMC was for conventional businesses. It did not address the unique needs of ventures focusing on positive social impact.

Enter the Feminist Business Canvas and the Flourishing Business Canvas

Petra Mutch was cited as one of Canada’s Inspiring 50 women of 2018 for her company Eve-volution Inc, a certified lean, networked, feminist B-Corp whose mission is to influence and guide people to create enterprises grounded in feminist values and for her magazine, LiisBeth which serves as a convener, capacity-builder and voice for the growing, 10,000+ all-gender, entrepreneurial feminist community.

Petra will present Inside Feminist Business, an opportunity to explore and apply the Feminist Business Model Canvas for ventures committed to feminist values such as agency, inclusion, equity, interdependence, and generosity.

Ian Poinsonet is responsible for Innovation Culture Development for France’s global banking group, BNP Paribas. From 2006 through 2012, he set up holistic and systemic Innovation Management at Paribas together with Knowledge Management based on communities and platforms. Prior to his current position, he served as program leader of digital transformation for Paribas’ International Retail Banking Division.

Ian will present Plant a Flourishing Business, how to apply the Flourishing Business Canvas, a toolset that supports entrepreneurs in creating organizations that are socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative, and financially viable.

*A diptych was an ancient writing tablet made of two hinged leaves with waxed inner sides. You wrote by etching the wax with a stylus. You could ‘erase’ by warming the wax and smoothing it over.