The Spirit of Mindcamp


A lovely pic that captures the spirit of Mindcamp 2017.
Thank you, Tony Estevez and Sandi Trillo, for your stunning Acro Yoga poses.
And thank you, Steve Shama, for capturing them!

click image to see super detail

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    1. Good idea about a session next year. Mindcamp Chile had an Acro Yoga session last January and it was a big hit.

    1. Thanks Karin. This time the Moses was Steve Shama. It’s his stunning photo. And of course there were two powerful Mosettes, Tony Estevez and (still trying to fond out who his flying partner was).

  1. Great title, Tim. For me the Mindcamp spirit is about talent and the generosity of sharing that.
    Thanks again to Tony for this magical experience between sesssions – you are an amazing teacher – sign me up for the night flight.
    Thanks also to all the presenters and other participants who shared their gifts, tools and stories with me at Mindcamp.
    I left grateful and inspired, and I’m still flying.
    Thanks to Steve for capturing the moment and sharing the picture – it was fun to get another perspective on the experience – the flyer.

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