A Taste of Mindcamp (Another Eye?)

Tim HursonRandom

One of a series of posts profiling some of the 100+ hours of Mindcamp programs you can take this summer. For more on this and other programs, go to: Mindcamp Sessions.

The Third Eye

Evolving your way of seeing

There’s a device in your pocket that lets you depict the world instantly. But often your photos don’t capture what you saw. You need to develop an eye. In this session, you’ll begin to do that.

First, you will create realistic images of people, places, and objects, using composition guidelines and photo editing tools to refine your images. This is the First Eye: Realism.

Then you will break some rules, using photo-taking techniques and photo apps to create photos that are your expression of reality. This is the Second Eye: Creative Expression.

Finally, you will move into the world of abstraction, creating photo metaphors, envisioning the future, and radically altering your — and your viewers’ — perceptions. This is the Third Eye: Perceptive Insight.

Your journey culminates with a personal photo gallery that journals your evolution from First Eye to Third Eye. Bring your smart device to fully participate in this evolution!

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Using your smartphone or tablet to capture and depict reality through photo enhancement
  • Exploring various ways to creatively express your photos
  • Techniques to push your seeing and image-capturing towards unique perceptions of self and the world around you

Mary Ellyn Vicksta fell in love with photography as a child, while posing for her aunt and uncle’s family photos. While others griped, she saw possibilities. Today she continues to explore these possibilities by combining image taking — using a digital camera — with image making — using iPad photo apps. She’s become a bit of a groupie for the Canadian photo expressionists, Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant, having taken seven of their workshops. To support her photographic habit, she facilitates ideation workshops and creativity training for corporate clients. Recently she started using Stormz for virtual ideation.