A Taste of Mindcamp (Agile or Fragile?)


One of a series of posts profiling some of the 100+ hours of Mindcamp programs you can take this summer. For more on this and other programs, go to: Mindcamp Sessions.

Growing Your Leadership Agility!

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What is leadership agility and how can we cultivate it in our organizations and in our lives? Why do we need leadership agility in today’s rapidly changing, interconnected, complex world? How is organizational agility and sustaining change constrained by leadership agility? We will explore these questions and more. You will learn about staged growth development leadership and how taking an integral approach to our leadership produces more effective leaders.

This program is based on the work of Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, authors of Leadership Agility: five levels of mastery for anticipating and initiating change.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Perspective on the power of leadership agility in today’s world
  • Understanding of staged growth development leadership and the four competencies for Agile leadership
  • How to grow your own leadership agility through a reflective action cycle

Ann-Marie Kong is a Program Manager, Agile Coach, creative catalyst, avid learner, active community grower, and a generous, joyful and grateful soul. She is on a journey of living her life’s purpose, shifting from a life of success to a life of significance, and making a meaningful difference in the world to leave an enduring legacy of love.