A New Mindcamp App


Here’s a screen shot of our new Mindcamp App.

It’s way cool — better/smoother/faster/legibler than before. (legibler?)

And of course it’s free!

With it you can:

  • Check the program schedule
  • Find out program locations
  • Learn about the programs
  • Learn about the presenters
  • Set your program favorites
  • Give us feedback
  • Discover other creativity conferences
  • And more…

Here’s a one-click link that goes to the developer’s landing page, which offers links to both iTunes and Google Play versions: Attendify

Or you can get it from iTunes here: iTunes

Or from Google Play here: Google Play

Make your Mindcamp experience even better. Download your Mindcamp App now!

All the best from your App-reciative Mindcamp Digi-Faeries.