A Taste of Mindcamp (on the fly)

Tim HursonRandom

One of a series of posts profiling some of the 100+ hours of Mindcamp programs you can take this summer. For more on this and other programs, go to: Mindcamp Sessions.

Carpool Innovation

The Journey is the destination

Think you can’t innovate on the fly? Think again.

That’s exactly what happened after Mindcamp 2016: Three strangers came up with high-impact solutions and an original business idea.

On the way to the airport. In a car.

Learn how three Mindcampers quickly established rapport and trust and then applied creative problem solving and brain science to their personal challenges. Then take part in a simulated Carpool Innovation to advance your thinking and conversation on your own personal or business challenge. On the fly.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Learn two new icebreakers to quickly establish rapport with your group
  • Take part in interactive exercises that quickly get to the root of your challenge
  • Experience an decision-making that minimizes conflict and maximizes effectiveness

As Founder and Chief Experience Office at Roll Out Innovation, Deborah Jann designs and delivers Roll Outs – strategic, in-transit problem solving experiences. She draws on four careers worth of experience, combined with her intense curiosity to help organizations disrupt with diplomacy for exceptional results. Prior to launching Roll Out Innovation, she focused on helping a wide range of clients develop of smart, ROI-focused leadership and team effectiveness solutions.