A Taste of Mindcamp (Butterfly Effect?)

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One of a series of posts profiling some of the 100+ hours of Mindcamp programs you can take this summer. For more on this and other programs, go to: Mindcamp Sessions.

Third Party Time!

How to engage your stakeholders for an innovation no one wants to hear about

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Most innovative ideas are killed by the very people they are for. Where you see benefits and innovation glory, they see hassle, change, and complication.

Why? You may be communicating to your stakeholders with the wrong words and at the wrong time. You need to apply Rule 1 of the Butterfly Process© : Being right is not always convincing, and being convincing is not always right.

In this session, you will explore how beliefs — both yours and your customers’ — are both the cornerstones and the stumbling blocks of innovation success. Once you put this key insight into practice, never again will you fail because of a lame pitch, whether you’re promoting your latest app or trying to convince your family to try wilderness camping.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Pinpoint the lack of difference between a good and a bad idea
  • Learn 3 tools to pilot your innovation project through the shoals of disbelief and misunderstanding
  • Enrich your value proposition, without jeopardizing your initial insight

Edouard Le Marechal is President of Crea-France. He is also an expert in innovation and strategic foresight. He facilitates breakthrough innovation and intrapreneurship for both startups and global companies such as Accenture, AXA, BNPParibas, Orange, and Peugeot. He has developed a range of transformation tools based on qualitative research, strategic foresight, and consumer insight. In 2016, he launched his Butterfly Process© as an alternative methodology for innovation, based on systems thinking, non-measurable value, and chaos theory.