So Many Choices!! What should I pick?

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Meditate on this I willby Ian Rosenfeldt

So you’re coming to Mindcamp? Amazing! Whether it’s your first visit, or you’re a seasoned veteran, it can be daunting for all of us when faced with the many workshop selections.

“Whatever shall I choose?”

“What is the right workshop for me?”

“What if I choose wrong?”

A number of years ago, I was given some pointers before attending a conference and I found them very useful. I have since passed them along a number of times and the feedback has always been positive.

Here they are.

  • Make a decision about what your primary focus is. Perhaps you’re choosing between personal and professional development? Use that as your first selection criteria. Does the workshop fit? If not, cross it off the list of possibilities. Choose only between sessions that fit your overarching theme.
  • Presenters are always open to talk about their programs, and their pictures are posted. Seek them out and ask them questions! Tell them what you hope to get out of the conference and chances are they’ll share something that can help you decide.
  • Finally, choose one or two workshops that would be considered a stretch for you. If you’re focused on personal development, choose one with a professional focus. If you’re into tools and techniques, maybe you choose something with an emotional bent. Perhaps you choose to attend a workshop given by a presenter that you (gasp) rubs you the wrong way (people are people…it’s going to happen!) suspend your judgement…Open yourself to a new perspective and see what you might learn.

One more thing…take the time after each day to do some reflective journaling. Capture your thoughts, feelings and emotions around the day. What was something that stood out for you, or what is something that you can’t get out of your mind? Taking the time to relive it on paper goes a long way in cementing these new memories in your brain.

Most of all, don’t stress! Enjoy your experience, and if you have questions about what to choose…come find me, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Ian RosenfeldtIan Rosenfeldt is a Mindcamp volunteer.