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Mindcamp presenter Tony Esteves, inspired by Jim Ridge’s most recent video, made a video of his own… One that gives his “bench” perspective on how to thrive at Mindcamp. Very useful advice, especially for first-timers — but even Mindcamp veterans will get a lot out of this!

Thanks, Tony!


Tony EstevesTony Esteves presented 30 Day Challenges: Pushing Yourself Towards Your Dreams, Smartphone iMovie Dreams: An introduction to video editing using iMovie on iOS, as well as the Youth Program Come Juggle With Us! at Mindcamp 2015.

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  1. Well done and well put Tony. I really love your whole idea of having some simple strategies to get the best out of a Mindcamp experience. You’ve got me thinking on this one for sure…..
    Many thanks for taking the time to create and share some wonderful content.

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