One of Mindcamp’s Young Engineers

Tim HursonMindcamp 2014, Video

Mindcamper Hamzah had so much fun making his hovercraft during the Mindcamp Reverse Garbage session that he continued to improve it when he got home. Here is the result, as presented and explained by the engineer himself! (We especially like his careful explanation of the necessity of using hot glue.)


Thanks to the Everyday Curiosity / Reverse Garbage team, and to the Youth Program Chiquitas for the support and encouragement they provided… and thank you Hamzah for being willing to share your work.

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  1. Hamzah

    Congratulations on your successful work.

    Best wishes may this lead to a great career and life as an engineer.

    former architect.

  2. This brings me such joy and confirmation thank you for this post!

    My own joy, my playfulness and seeing myself newly through the eyes of a child, which I so felt after Max & Jim’s 1st session last year at Mindcamp. Had me playing and in the inquiry of what else is possible.

    As many of you know,( pictures were posted last year after) I went home and began taking everything apart!! Looking at everything from different lenses, spurred me to inquire with Jim about doing another course this year with using creativity to make something newly. Apparently, it wasn’t just me who had this idea. I was fortunate to present Reverse Garbage along side Wayne Morris, an amazing individual whom I got to become further acquainted with. The ‘child’ came out once more as we played and watch everyone step into a space of self expression/ creativity and imagination! Something I’ve recently given myself permission to experience. Thank you All for that contribution to my expansion as well.

    Hamzah, hold on to your curiosity, imagination and exploration. You are amazing!

  3. Wow Hamzah!!!! Totally awesome job man! I love what you’ve done. Not only did you make something from the materials but it’s a real working machine. I am really really impressed. I hope that you come back again next year and that you continue to build more great stuff in the mean time. Build on!
    Jim Ridge

  4. Hamzah, I would like to thank you for your CRITICAL observation of my Hi-Tech Piggy and helping me improve it… And,
    also for your help in the closing of the LAB, peeling the Lab with your father and brother… A pleasure to know you all… And yes the glue is important and I still have reminders on my fingers … Dad, thank you for your contribution to the unpeeling of the Lab… Hope that you will return Nx yr… Smiles , Joe Miguez

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