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  1. At the start we posed the question, “Do the types of techniques espoused at Mindcamp really help drive innovation in real world organizations?”

    On the side of the skeptics I heard one innovation consultant exclaim that Mindcamp was frivolous. On the other side there are many who participate in Mindcamp who have credible track records of helping companies innovate. As Harry Vardis states in the video innovation requires a lot more than brainstorming.

    We asked the question of a number of people and they all had interesting things to say. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to organize and edit together their comments in the few hours available.

    My conclusion from all I have heard and witnessed is that every situation and every organization is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each requires different approaches and techniques and a wise and seasoned innovations professional can add a lot of value.

    Having said that I am also convinced that the best way to drive innovation is to get on and do it. Sometimes strategizing, philosophizing, huddling in groups and playing creative games just gets in the way.

    In a similar vein, if you want to become a digital innovator you can spend your time reading about it or you can do it. That is one reason we collaborate to create these short videos.

    Thanks go to everyone who helped including Linda Selna, Tzabia Siegel, Beth Slazak, Julia Roberts and David During.

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