Kids Rule!

Tim HursonRandom

The Mindcamp kids’ program went incredibly well this year, with 10 young participants enjoying an intersecting/parallel Mindcamp of their own.

Among other activities, they generated a number of ideas for the improvement of future Mindcamps.

  • There is chocolate milk available everywhere, all the time.
  • All the kids are the leaders.
  • Yurts are mansions inside.
  • Dining room has a chocolate milk fountain.
  • Everybody has super powers (build: every KID has super powers)
  • Ray [one of the kids] is the chef.
  • Campfires every night.
  • Gigantic chocolate milk lake with Max as a statue in the middle.
  • Girls’ yurt is a palace inside.
  • Annette [one of the kids] is the decorator of all of Mindcamp.
  • Mostly everything in the kitchen tastes good (for kids).
  • There’s a secret trap door in the ground.
  • There’s a special food-stealing machine.
  • Conveyor belts from the food to the tables so the food always comes to you exactly when you want it.
  • Mindcamp is on an island in a lake of chocolate milk.
  • Build: Mindcamp on an island in an ocean of chocolate milk with real-life pirates sailing in it.
  • Treasure hunt for both kids and adults.
  • Field day.
  • Invisible kids spy on parents.
  • Mindcamp all year!!!
  • It’s Friday every day.
  • Mindcamp Chile or Italy or traveling worldwide Mindcamp.
  • Mindcamp becomes a travelling circus company.
  • Mindcamp is on a huge cloud that rains chocolate milk (onto itself).
  • Mindcamp video game.
  • Jacuzzi hot chocolate marshmallow chocolate milk fountain (lactose free).

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  1. IMAN and HANA are definitely returning to Mindcamp next year…as Hana put it in her own words…”Mindcamp made me realize how creative I always was…” She also got a kick out of the chocolate milk ideation!

    Thank you for helping me introduce my children to the world of creativity in such a meaningful and effective way.

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