Youth Program

youth2Kids are welcome at Mindcamp! Our Youth Program prepares young people to think, act and reflect creatively, inspiring them to become leaders within their schools and communities.

“I like how welcome and included they were in the Mindcamp experience. Treated as valid, whole and complete human beings, rather than only addressing adults and them being seen as tag alongs.” — parent, Mindcamp 2014

Kids are welcome to come to Mindcamp with their parents. During programming hours, kids 6 and older will have things to do away from their parents. The program presents parallel sessions that contrast in age-appeal and energy level. The kids play a role in deciding which one they would like to join. Older teens (16-17) can join in as participants, help with the smaller kids, or choose to join adult sessions.

“I loved that my kids felt comfortable right away in their brand new environment with brand new people.” — parent, Mindcamp 2014

  • Kids’ programs will run during adult program times
  • Parents will be responsible for their kids at other times