Session Needs

Write Top Banana Branwen if we need to know something more than this or something needs to change.

Here are some things you need to know:

THINK LEAN: Please think in terms of using as little stuff as possible. Be creative. Pretend you’re on a desert island. How lean can you get?

SESSION HANDOUTS: Please don’t have paper handouts unless absolutely necessary. Also, WE WON’T PHOTOCOPY YOUR HANDOUTS FOR YOU. If they are needed, you have to do it yourself and bring them. See this link for more about this.

PROJECTORS: If you want to run a slideshow or use a projector, bring your OWN laptop (unless you have specifically arranged with us to borrow one). We will provide projector, screen, and cable. The end of the projector cable has a plug that fits into either a VGA hole, or an HDMI hole. See this page for more information.

About the rooms:

There are two main buildings with meeting rooms, as well as a couple of rooms that stand on their own. Click on a link to see details and pictures of each one.