Session Handouts

Session handouts will be added to this page as they are provided by the presenter. Check back if you don’t find what you want, it may appear in a few days!

Kevin ByronAlchemy of Imagination (Poster on Saturday Night)Poster and Notes
Campfire (chords)Campfire SingingCampfire Chords (dark & light versions)
Campfire (lyrics)Campfire SingingCampfire Lyrics
Alexander von ReumontCharisma AnalysisSlide deck
Dan Bigonesse & Katie TagyeCreativity Beyond "A-ha!"Handout
Paul GronckiDeep Listening MeditationHandout
Jerrold McGrathDisorganizing by DesignSlide Deck
Susannah ChildersElements of CreativityHandout
Susannah ChildersElements of Creativity5 Ways Nature Can Help You
Sharon FisherGame On!Slide Deck
Sharon FisherGame On!Table Topics
Petra MutchInside Feminist BusinessBusiness Model Canvas (blank, filled in, and teaching version)
Petra MutchInside Feminist BusinessQuestions
Philippe BrasseurObjects of GeniusWhat would a genius do with an apple? (booklet)
Philippe BrasseurObjects of GeniusArt Promenade
Philippe BrasseurObjects of GeniusGenius Posters (large file, 25mB)
Ian PoinsenetPlant a Flourishing BusinessSlide deck
Leonardo MuñozRestoreSession Notes
Clare Dus & Kristen PetersonShower ThinkingSlide Deck
Kaz OginoSimply DrawingReference Notes and Ideas
Kaz OginoTangrams (Youth)Handout
Marc HurwitzWabi-Sabi BrainMarc's Useful Neuroscience Principles
Mary Ellyn VickstaWabi-Sabi PhotographyCourse Overview