2018 Session Description

Wabi-Sabi Photography
Perfectly imperfect

For adults • Mind U session
Category: Creating
Maximum Participants: 30
9:00am daily • Court 5
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

This workshop is about seeing in a whole new way.

Day one: We start this quest by looking at the work of photographers whose work exhibits wabi-sabi principles. We will explore what wabi-sabi is and how we might emulate their powers of observation and presence in our own work.

Day two: We experience image-taking. We will further define what wabi-sabi is and is not. This will be a very hands-on day where we will use any kind of image capture device that will allow us to take photos. We will call upon various contemplative photography approaches that involve multisensory preparatory exercises as well as tips on how to capture photos that strive for the “perfectly imperfect”

Day three: We share our photo-taking experiences and our images. In order to reflect on the “perfectly imperfect” we will also examine an approach and a contemplation kit that can help each of us in our quest for the “perfectly imperfect”.

Day four: We share our work and our insights with the entire group, with a spirit of acceptance and appreciation for what was realized during our time together.

What you will need: A means of capturing images

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Consider wabi-sabi principles through the work of famous and not-so famous photographers
  • Explore ways of preparing the mind to visualize the “perfectly imperfect”
  • Develop guidelines to help you continue your quest for the “perfectly imperfect” in your photography practice
Mary Ellyn Vicksta
Appleton, WI

Mary Ellyn Vicksta fell in love with photography when her Aunt and Uncle took family pictures when she was a mere child. While others griped about posing for those family moments, Mary Ellyn was intrigued by what is possible with photos.

Fast forward to the 21st century and she continues to explore possibilities in creative expression while image taking and image making. She combines traditional image taking primarily using a digital camera with image making using photo apps on her iPad. She’s become a bit of a photographic groupie for the Canadian photo expressionists, Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant, with seven workshops in the past few years.

To make money to support her photographic habits, she facilitates new idea workshops and conducts creativity training for corporate clients. Recently she started using Stormz for virtual ideation.

Mary Ellyn is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.


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