2018 Session Description

Grow | Transform | Emerge

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Tools/Techniques
Maximum Participants: 25
Friday 1:30pm • Court 6
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

Do you have a project or personal goal that you would like to emerge into the world? Have you tried to do it — only to get stuck feeling the pressure and difficulty of change?

Journey with us to leverage the principles of wabi sabi impermanence as fuel for transformation and innovation. We will introduce tools and patterns for success, including the Panarchy model, to enable you to dance with change, create transformation opportunities, relax through growth and increase resilience. Add to your success toolbox — and have fun with the ride!

Join us in exploring the wabi-sabi tools for managing innovation and transformation.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Explore a map of a typical transformative growth journey
  • Learn method to discover emergent value in transformations to create desirable results
  • Leave with a toolkit for increasing resilience in change
Ana Matic
Toronto, ON

Ana Matic is a graduate of OCAD University’s Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI) MDes programme, with key interests in aggregate collaboration, self-led behavioural adaptation and human-centred design to enable robust ecosystems and positive outcomes.

She has 15 years of experience in strategy and design, which have enabled her to combine tangible and intangible elements to communicate identity and build organizational value. Formative experiences include acting as Senior Designer of Innovation at the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI), running a small design collective consultancy, being a member of the Board of Directors at the AMA Toronto Chapter, and organizing innovation and hackathon events.

Ana has performed research on collaboration in Microwork Theory, Patterns and Structures, with focus on amplifying the voices and opportunities for women and youth globally.

Ana is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.


Goran Matic
Toronto, ON

Goran Matic is a graduate of the OCAD University’s Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI) MDes programme, with a key interest in leveraging patterns from diverse fields – including semiotics, computer science, physics and humanities – as inspiration for designing human-centered initiatives.

Research approaches are towards applied innovation at the intersection of design thinking, systems thinking and foresight practices — with the goal of building resilient strategic value propositions for collaborating within complex challenges.

A core vision is to evolve methods for sustainable value creation – while enabling positive organizational, communal and ecological resilience for all ecosystem participants.

Goran is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.

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