2018 Session Description

The Wabi-Sabi Brain
Or how to love the perfectly imperfect mind

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Immersion
Thursday 8:00pm • Centennial 15
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

This session is a redux, compilation and extension of previous sessions I’ve done on neuroscience and the brain. This time, we’ll also delve into the latest research on mindfulness, trust, workplace, senses, sense-making, creativity, convergence, and more. It’s the session that separates the neuromyth from the neurofact from the perspective of a neuroscientist.

We’ll explore how to activate all the senses (not just the 5 Aristotelian ones), come up with ideas on what to do with real research from neuroscience, and heartily lampoon as many myths as we can uncover. For example, can neuroscience predict your leadership style? Is dopamine the love drug? What do we actually know about the effects of meditation and mindfulness on your brain? How can you stimulate deeper learning? What brain tricks can you use to influence people more effectively?

If the day is bright and wonderful, we’ll take the session outside. If the day is wabi-sabi, we’ll enjoy each other even more indoors.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Explore more about how the brain works for real
  • Use your new knowledge to make changes in how you approach things
  • Stop reading neuroporn
Marc Hurwitz
Kitchener, ON

An insightful and engaging polymath, Marc holds a PhD in neuroscience, an MBA, and Masters degrees in Math and Physics. He has many years experience as a facilitator, trainer, teacher, consultant, executive, and entrepreneur.

Marc now enjoys being co-author of Leadership is Half the Story: A Fresh Look at Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration (University of Toronto, Rotman Press, March 2015), Chief Insight Officer of a really cool consultancy called FliPskills, on faculty at University of Waterloo, and performing in community theatre.

Marc last presented at Mindcamp in 2015 and has attended every one since its inception.

Marc is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.


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