2018 Session Description

Living Office Tour
Creating workplaces primed for creativity

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Pre-Mindcamp
Maximum Participants: 24
Tuesday Aug 21, 1:00pm • 462 Wellington St. W, 4th floor, Toronto
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

NOTE: You must pre-register for this tour while at Pre-Mindcamp.

People are the most critical asset to every organization. So why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities? Herman Miller brings humanity back to the workplace to help people, and organizations, succeed.

Unprecedented change and disruption are calling into question the precepts and standards that for decades have guided how, where, and why we work. By applying a deeper understanding of what makes us human, Herman Miler’s Living Office helps negotiate the changes at hand. Living Office is helping people feel more creative, connected, and engaged in their work. In turn, organizations are seeing greater efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Herman Miller, Inc.
Zeeland, MI

Herman Miller is a globally recognized provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. Headquartered in West Michigan, the 112-year-old company has relied on innovative design to solve problems wherever people work, live, learn, and heal. With recognizable designs as part of museum collections worldwide, Herman Miller is a past recipient of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Award and has been ranked number one on Contract Magazine’s list of “Brands that Inspire” for four straight years. Known and respected for its leadership in corporate social responsibility, Herman Miller has earned numerous global sustainability and inclusivity awards including the Human Rights Foundation’s top rating in its Corporate Equality Index for 11 years in a row.

This is ‘s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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