2018 Session Description

or wabi dancing

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Body/Mind
Thursday 1:30pm • Centennial 15
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

In primitive times, dancing was a means to express emotion, strengthen community or pay tribute to gods and nature. It was a genuine way to experience life. Today, dancing is often reduced (yes, reduced!) to an art, a formal representation bound by choreographic rules and aesthetic considerations. At the same time, our modern quest for perfection has influenced how we think about dancing, and many of us have lost the connection to our essence as beings-in-movement.

This is what Biodanza is about: restoring our connection to natural movements that embody authenticity and meaning through uninhibited, playful dance. This Biodanza session invites you to experiment with joyful exercises and carefully selected pieces of music. Music, human interactions and communication are the key to allowing authentic movement and heartfelt emotion to happen, providing the experience of feeling alive in the here-and-now. Biodanza may surprise you as a highly liberating activity and a deeply transformative practice.

Dancing skills are not necessary. But comfortable clothing is.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Practice movement with a quality of presence
  • Awake the pleasure and joy of natural movement
  • Vitalize non-verbal communication and expression

Copyright: evgenyatamanenko / 123RF Stock Photo

Sophie Harvey
Montreal, QC

After a decade of work as an hydraulic engineer and consultant, Sophie decided to focus on what she thought she was deeply meant for : help people evolve in their inner selves and become more aligned to what they are deep down inside. Obviously, this decision lead her to major changes in her career. First through creative thinking, then through coaching, she began to work with and for three kinds of clients : self employed, artists, and professionals in quest for self-realization.

Almost 10 years after her coaching certification, she is still convinced that group interactions are the cornerstone for individuals’ empowerment and blooming.

This is Sophie’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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