2018 Session Description

Shower Thinking
An Introduction to the art, science, and process of incubation

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Tools/Techniques
Thursday 10:45am • Court 6
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

We have all experienced sudden Ah-Ha’s or insights that happen when we’re not actively working on a problem. We can be driving, exercising, or, as many people report, taking a shower. Flashes of insights and ideas come at unexpected times because of a mental process known as incubation. When we move our conscious mind away from a problem or challenge, we free our subconscious mind to incubate on the problem, not unlike a computer routine running in the background.

In this session, we’ll explore the art, science and process of deliberate incubation by diving into the tools and concepts related to the imperfect art of Incubation. You’ll experience excursions designed to allow your unconscious to do the heavy lifting while you play, discover, explore and wander. You will also begin to develop your own incubation tool kit to pull out when you need it, whether you are working by yourself or with others. Join us and stretch your capacity to incite insight.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Explore the myths and mysteries of incubation and its role in creative thinking
  • Practice tips, tools and techniques for deliberate, active incubation
  • Design an incubation practice plan for your own learning and facilitation
Clare Dus
Chatham, NJ

At Sensory Spectrum, Inc. Clare listens to the clients, asks questions and then designs innovative methodologies to meet their needs.

She has tasted, smelled, felt, and looked at a wide range of products including foods and beverages, personal care products, paper products, fabrics, and pharmaceuticals. She believes that the data holds the story. Using a variety of techniques, both statistical and exploratory, she will uncover the sensory story.

Clare has a BSc in Food Science from Rutgers University, NJ, and is a leader for the Creative Problem Solving Institute.

Clare is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.


Kristen Peterson
Buffalo, NY

Kristen Peterson is a Partner with New & Improved, LLC. She brings a big dose of passion, energy, and infectious can-do mentality to her work as an Innovation Catalyst as well as 20 years of hands-on experience for global clients.

She is the former Director of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, a Founder of Mindcamp and holds an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

A camp director by nature and nurture, you’ll often see her at Mindcamp with a clip board in hand.

Kristen is a returning presenter. Click to see what they’ve presented in the past.


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