2018 Session Description

Make Some Trouble
Since nothing is perfect and we’ve known this for at least six thousand years

For adults • Mind U session
Category: Insight
9:00am daily • Court 16
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

Starting with the ancient Sanskrit knowledge about making a rich and sweet life through your own creativity and moving through Emotional Intelligence and storytelling to research on brain science of all kinds, we will look at how to use our lives to create more of the good stuff even when the stuff we have is broken. We will do practices from all over to enhance creativity, develop the storytelling skill, and explore Emotional Intelligence.

We will make extra pieces, find missing pieces, and create something beautiful out of the imperfection.

This will be a living lab where we try stuff out and then talk about if, how, and why it worked. You will leave each session feeling pretty rad about integrating all this practice into making the best kind of trouble out in the world.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Learn and use as many mindfulness and storytelling tools as possible to love the extra piece and find the missing piece
  • Understand interpersonal neurobiology and emotional intelligence from the ancient Sanskrit texts to modern neuroscience, and actually care about it
  • Leave the room every day feeling awesome, enriched, confused, amazed, and changed just a little bit
Michelle Auerbach
Boulder, CO

Michelle Auerbach has an MFA in Writing and Poetics. She taught both college and graduate level creative writing and Ancient Literature. She translates Latin, Biblical Hebrew, and Sanskrit.

She is a journalist including with the New York Times and London Guardian and her writing has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies. She has published two novels.

Michelle coaches and facilitates on communication and creativity. She was trained by the New York City Department of Health, Kaiser Permanente, and through Columbia University School of Public Health. She is certified in mindfulness and emotional intelligence by the Institute of HeartMath, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and works with Google on their work-based mindfulness program.

Michelle can be found writing, facilitating, and telling stories with companies including Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, McDonalds, Field, Fisher, Waterhouse, Google, Mars Incorporated, and with consultants to expand the storytelling and emotional intelligence of their clients.

This is Michelle’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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