2018 Presenter

Brad Wong

Brad Wong lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

Advisor, Mentor, Advocate.

Brad is a Toronto native and long-suffering Maple Leafs fan. In between leaping off gorges in Zambia, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos or backcountry camping, Brad has transformed himself over the years from an electronics technologist, to a health and wellness advocate in his 20 year career in the YMCA movement, to life as a entrepreneur opening Flow! Yoga Wellness Studio with his partner Heather.

When not teaching yoga, Brad hangs out at the Center for Social Innovation, where he coaches people through transition by utilizing authentic leadership principles of self-awareness and values integration.

Brad holds a BA from York University, Toronto in Political Science and earned his MA Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. He has also received continuing education Certificates in Authentic Leadership, Naropa University, Community-Based Development from CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado, and is a Yoga instructor.

In the past, Brad has presented:

  • Morning Yoga: Daily dose of Vitamin Y (2017)
  • Yoga Snack: Daily dose of Vitamin Y (2017)
  • Morning Yoga: Daily dose of Vitamin Y (2016)
  • Yoga Snack: A 15-minute yoga quickie! (2016)
  • Afternoon Yoga: Restore Yourself (2015)
  • Sensing Journeys: Illuminating your Blind Spot (2015)
  • Morning Yoga: Wake Up Dreaming (2015)


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