2018 Presenter

Katie Tagye

Katie Tagye lives in Orlando, FL and is presenting:

Katie Tagye is the Director of Organizational Design and Development at Valencia College. Katie has the unique opportunity to work in the Collaborative Design Center, a space designed to encourage innovation, creative problem solving, and collaboration by design.

Katie focuses on engaging college faculty and staff in discovering and designing ways to use creative thinking and collaboration to positively impact the success of students as well as the culture and the work of the college.

Katie was a Professor of Communication at Valencia for 9 years and has worked at the college since 2001 in various departments. She is a certified practitioner of the FourSight, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and DiSC assessments.

In the past, Katie has presented:

  • Develop, Prototype, Iterate: How to take your ideas from good to great (2017)
  • Points of You: 3rd Third for Developing Perspective (2017)
  • Celebrating Complexity: The connection between creativity and tolerating complexity (2016)

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