2018 Presenter

Karen Rudolf

Karen Rudolf lives in Sarasota, FL and is presenting:

Karen Rudolf is a Change Facilitator and Personal Coach who works with each unique clients own inherent healing powers. Through Tranquil SOULutions courses, workshops, mentoring, one to one, or group sessions, you will build a strong reservoir of empowering…

Karen is a masterful guide to peaceful thriving. In each Tranquil SOULutions programs, your experience is derived from a variety of natural, gentle and delightfully entertaining modalities.

It all starts with awareness, perceptions and beliefs: often we are so close to our own thought patterns that we cannot even begin to shift the limiting construction on our own. Karen has walked this journey and has guided countless others along similar paths, crafting tools along the way that can help shift the landscape.

Benefits: inner peace that can in our set in motion the powerful healing of the world around us. This outward radiating wave of impact that begins inside has enormous potential benefits far beyond our immediate experience. Karen believes that this is one way we can heal the world.

In the past, Karen has presented:

  • Life is But a Game: It’s all how we choose to perceive it (2014)
  • Reverse Garbage: Salvaging trash into treasure in 90 minutes (2014)
  • Life Is But a Game: It’s all how we choose to percieve it (2013)


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