2018 Presenter

Kristen Peterson

Kristen Peterson lives in Buffalo, NY and is presenting:

Kristen Peterson is a Partner with New & Improved, LLC. She brings a big dose of passion, energy, and infectious can-do mentality to her work as an Innovation Catalyst as well as 20 years of hands-on experience for global clients.

She is the former Director of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, a Founder of Mindcamp and holds an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

A camp director by nature and nurture, you’ll often see her at Mindcamp with a clip board in hand.

In the past, Kristen has presented:

  • Creative Process Foot Camp: 12 simple steps to thinking better (2017)
  • Shower Thinking: The art, science and process of incubation (2016)
  • Trading Tools: Everybody knows something (2015)
  • Rapid Protocept (2013)
  • Creativity X-Press: Key principles, process & tools (2012)
  • Cookie Swap: Stock your ‘kitchen’ with a delicious assortment of creativity energizers, tools & exercises (2012)
  • Creativity X-Press: Key Principles, Process & Tools (2011)
  • 3½ Tools to Help You Think Better (2010)
  • Navigating the Maze: A Unique “On-Your-Feet” Creativity, Team, and Leadership Experience (2009)
  • Rapid Protocepting (2008)
  • The Art of Deferring Judgment (2008)
  • Breakthrough Thinking with FourSight (2007)
  • It’s Not What You Know, But How You Think (2006)


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