2018 Presenter

Ismet Mamnoon

Ismet Mamnoon lives in Buffalo, NY and is presenting:

Hi! My name is Ismet and my friends call me Izzy. I am a Creativity Catalyst and while I focus on working with children and parents, I also work with businesses, local community, academics and even government organizations.

I like to think of myself as an “Optimist” because I think all things are possible. If I need something that doesn’t exist – I create it, if I need help – I ask for it and if I can provide help – I will give it with no strings attached.

I was recognized for my work as an Outstanding Graduate student by the President of Buffalo State College and for Student Excellence by the Chancellor of the SUNY system when I graduated with my Masters in Creativity. I recently spoke at a TEDx event and I travel all over the world to help people realize their creative potential.

In the past, Ismet has presented:

  • Nos Inventa: Distilling facilitation insights from the third third of design, delivery and discovery (2017)
  • Raising Adults: How to get creative about about raising a creative generation (2016)
  • Facilitating in Your Underwear: What to do when you are caught with your pants down! (2014)
  • Pick a Card: Transform your thinking with creativity cards (2013)
  • The Haha Moment (2011)
  • CPS for SPC: Creative Problem Solving for Successful Parents and Children (2010)


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